NetProspex Reports Record Growth and Platform Enhancements

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WALTHAM, Mass., May 17, 2011  — Leading sales and marketing contact database firm NetProspex Inc., today announced a number of major achievements following the $5.5 million venture capital financing round led by leading information technology investment firm Edison Ventures in December 2010.

The momentum created since funding has helped the company firmly establish itself as the world’s most accurate and fastest growing platform for finding B-to-B decision makers.

Image credit SarahnLynn, FlickrSince the start of 2011, NetProspex expanded its database of user-generated business contacts by more than 30 percent. Now boasting a total of 21 million verified B-to-B contacts, NetProspex is used by thousands of sales and marketing professionals seeking to generate new business leads with the most accurate, targeted contacts across industries.
NetProspex has added well over 100 new clients, including the Business Information Solutions group at LexisNexis.

“NetProspex’s track record for quality business contact information and continual database growth was key to our working with them,” said Tom Ogburn, VP and Managing Director at LexisNexis. “Our relationship enables us to further solidify the LexisNexis position as a leader in the corporate research market and to provide our customers with new ways to generate better outcomes for their businesses.”

The rapid growth of NetProspex also includes a 35 percent increase in staff since the start of 2011, including industry veterans with experience at companies such as Thomson Reuters, Akamai Technologies, Dow Jones, D&B, OneSource, and Art Technology Group. Key hires include Tim Burns as VP of Sales, Jimmy Becker as SVP of Content, and veteran product strategist Bruce McCarthy as VP of Product.

In addition to client, staff and database growth, NetProspex has also added several new features to its business contact search tool, enabling customers to target sales prospects in the most granular and measurable way in the industry. Included among the new targeting features are standard industrial classification code (SIC code) down to the 8-digit level, company revenue range and employee count, and precision geographic targeting.

“We are continuing to innovate and add precision targeting to the sales prospecting space,” said Gary Halliwell, CEO of NetProspex. “Thanks to our continued staff, client, and database growth – as well as the ideas coming from our team – NetProspex has solidified itself as the most trusted, targeted and reliable sales and marketing contact partner in the industry.”

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LexisNexis Business Information Solutions delivers an unmatched collections of the worlds’ most reputable and productive tools that helps professionals uncover new opportunities, work more efficiently and safeguard business assets.

About NetProspex
NetProspex is the world’s most accurate and fastest-growing sales and marketing database, helping B-to-B decision makers find, reach, and connect with more than 21 million sales prospects in a uniquely direct and measurable way.

Founded in 2006 by online publishing and marketing industry veterans Gary Halliwell and Jeff Clewley, NetProspex understands that effective sales and marketing efforts require the most in-depth and accurate prospect data. The core product line overlays crowd-sourced, user-contributed contact information with proprietary verification technology to produce an entirely unique and highly effective sales and marketing contact database. With a 100% replacement guarantee and continual data scrubbing, NetProspex is the leading source of accurate, crowd-sourced business intelligence.

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5 Critical Skill Sets of Today’s Marketer — Insights from the SiriusDecisions Summit 2011


It’s an understatement to say that the role of marketing has changed considerably over the past 3 years.  One organization that has helped marketers and marketing departments evolve to meet these changes is SiriusDecisions. We attended their annual summit last week in Scottsdale where we learned about the latest processes, technologies and practices. 

Five skills stood out as critical areas that marketers need to develop competencies in:

1. Data management 

“The Company With the Best Data Wins”  – SiriusDecisions

Customer, prospect and targeting data are at the heart of today’s online marketing platforms such as Eloqua, Omniture and NetProspex. Today’s marketer spends more time acquiring, cleaning, managing and analyzing data than ever before. And data quality matters.

SiriusDecisions: An average marketing database has 25 to 30 percent useless records; in best-in-class organizations, it’s less than 5 percent.

2. Technology skills

There is a bloom of innovation going on in the marketing space. As SiriusDecisions points out, marketing spend on technology has doubled in the past two years. 

Marketers must understand how to quickly leverage and manage the latest tools to enhance their inherent marketing skill set of differentiation strategy, branding, demand generation, and all the other attributes that define marketers today. 

SiriusPerspective: Best-in-class marketing delivered cost-effectively demands investment in technology, process and change management.

3. Publishing skills

Content publishing has become democratized.  Everybody within a company represents potential content, with unique insights. Marketers must be able to create and publish content of different types, from e-books to tweets.

SiriusPerspective: Quality content is the key to the kingdoms of awareness, influence, trust, participation and loyalty.

 4. Refined measurement skills

SiriusPerspective: The ability to benchmark the close rate at each pipeline stage improves sales and marketing alignment.

Marketers are working fast with limited resources. The key to ensuring time is well spent on activities that move the needle is to refine measurement. Metrics that track conversion can also help marketers understand if their lead cadence—the number of leads coming through the pipeline—is too few or too many. 

SiriusDecisions revealed that 25% of survey respondents said their organization’s biggest issue with forecasting is a lack of predictability and accuracy. Putting metrics in place to measure the conversation rate at each pipeline stage, rather than just at close helps marketing identify where the most attention is needed during the sales process. Marketing can then create content for these stages, or give sales a lead nurturing “net” to help keep these leads warm and aide them in driving revenue.

5. Analytic skills: Understanding the Science of a Sale

SiriusPerspective: Understanding both qualitative and quantitative attributes will create a more complete picture of winnable deals.

One thing marketers can do today that will directly affect their priorities and understanding tomorrow is to dig into what SiriusDecisions calls the “DNA of a Deal”, or in other words, uncovering the quantitative and qualitative attributes of every won or lost deal. 

Quantitative refers to the lead source, entry stage, entry event, exit stage, incumbent presence, and competition. Qualitative properties include any buying catalysts, product and solution fit, sales execution and support, and coaching presence. 


DNA of a Deal


Insights and quotes from Marketing Investment: Driving Greater Alignment and Accountability by Megan Heuer, Service Director, Marketing Operations Strategies @megheuer John Neeson, and Managing Director and Co-Founder @jneeson 


A Move Toward Sales Quality: The SiriusDecisions Pipeline/Forecast Study by James Ninivaggi @jninivaggi Research Analyst, Sales Optimization Strategies

NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell to speak at SIIA NetGain conference

NetProspex Gary

NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell will be speaking at the SIIA NetGain conference, May 17-18 in Boston, MA.

The conference will address innovation in the B2B content industry, featuring innovative business models, products and technologies, as well as an “in the field” agenda to meet some of the Boston-area’s greatest innovators.

Please visit the SIIA NetGain website for registration and full conference agenda.


NetProspex Review: InformationWeek

NetProspex in Information Week

The idea of buying compiled contact lists isn’t new, so what makes NetProspex different? Two things, according to Bird. First, all contact info is verified by overseas staffers who call each number to make sure it belongs to the person whose name is attached to it. Second, “we’re the first to bake social media–Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter info–into each record in our database,” Bird says.

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Vendor Helps SMBs Build Contact Databases

NetProspex in Information Week

Posted by Michele Warren Apr 12, 2011 17:11 PM

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know, right? Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. I mean, knowledge is important in the grand scheme of things. But it’s definitely true that knowing the right people can be very helpful. And having a way with others can certainly be a boon to business.

How do you make connections with the right people, be they prospects, partners, suppliers, sources of information–whatever? If you’re not as successful in this area as you’d like to be, you might want to take a look at NetProspex, a cloud-based software application that’s dedicated solely to making your little black book thicker.

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4 Challenges B2B Marketers Face Today

Image Credit robertsmichaeltd
ten24’s B2B Content Marketing Summit held an informal survey of attendees. Here are their results, and the full article.
  1. Awareness – How many of you report to a CEO, management team, board or investor group that is telling you that your company awareness needs to be increased?  (How often are you hearing – we have a great product or service or story to tell – how come nobody  knows us?) 26%

Image Credit robertsmichaeltd2. Lead Gen – How many marketers here work closely with your sales teams or channel partners who say they need better lead generation programs – more leads, more qualified leads? (How often are you hearing – help me fill my pipeline so we can make our numbers?) 46%

3. Financial/Efficiency – How many of you are being told by your CFO or finance team  to continue the marketing programs, but implement them more cost effectively or with less budget? (How often are you told – do more with less?) 37%

4. Social Media Marketing Overload – How many of you feel overwhelmed by all the new tools, technologies and services available to marketers? (Are you feeling more or less effective? Are they making your job easier or harder?) New tools make it Easier 9%, New tools make it Harder 26%



5 Keys to Uncommon Email Prospecting Results

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This is a guest post from Kendra Lee of KLA Group. Follow her on Twitter for prospecting tips and tricks.

Remember the Glimpse Factor – it takes prospects three seconds or less to decide whether they want to read your email, have time to deal with it, or can delete it without any consequences. And since deep down they might want to get rid of it and get back to work, it’s up to you to make them feel like they need to respond right way.

So, if a prospect is going to read your email, much less respond, it needs to seem like it came from a colleague, not a faceless Internet marketing firm. The best way to get uncommon email results is definitely to avoid looking like the common email marketer.

Here are a few things to try to increase your response rate.

Image Credit rvidal, Flickr1. Write subject lines that invite a quick response. If your prospect can’t glean the purpose of your email from the headline, then it’s probably not going to make it through the delete barrier. I like to use something that sounds personal like: “Can you talk Monday at 2pm?” Of course your subject must relate to the body of your email, so if you ask for a meeting Monday at 2pm, make sure you ask again in your email.

2. Start your email with a statement, not a question. How many messages do you send to your customers that begin with a question? That’s right, none of them. Avoid the temptation to try to pique your prospect’s interest with this tactic – it just doesn’t work.

3. Use paragraphs rather than bullet points. This just tips contacts off to the fact that you’re trying to sell them something. While your real objective is to make the email easier to read, your prospect is thinking “sales person – delete!” Use bullets once you have a working relationship, but stay away from them in your prospecting emails.

4. Send your message without fancy graphics or headers. There’s nothing wrong with text, a few paragraphs, and a single link in your email message. Complicated layouts and pictures make it more likely that your note will be caught by a spam filter. And besides, how often do you put large graphic headers at the top of your client emails? The point is to look like you just dashed off a note to a colleague or customer, so forget the extras.

5. Write to another person. If your message doesn’t read like something that could be spoken naturally, you have a problem. The idea is to connect with your prospects on a personal level and invite them to take action, not convince them that you’re part of a faceless organization. Envision a customer and write your email as if you were sending it to him or her. Be sure that your message focuses on your prospects’ issues or triggering events, not on your company. That’s good selling advice in any situation, since customers care more about their needs than your generic solution features and benefits.

Keep revising your emails until you have something that sounds natural and customer-focused, because that’s what buyers – like all humans – respond to.

Kendra Lee is a top IT Seller, Prospect Attraction Expert and author of the award winning book “Selling Against the Goal” and president of KLA Group. Specializing in the IT industry, KLA Group works with companies to break in and exceed revenue objectives in the Small and Midmarket Business (SMB) segment. Ms. Lee is a frequent speaker at national sales meetings and association events. To find out more about the author, read her latest articles, or to subscribe to her newsletter visit or call +1 303.741.6636. 



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@JaniceMcCallum of Health Content Advisors submitted a comment about the amplification effect on content through social media, on our latest episode of Social Call:

“Gary, I particularly like your use of the word “amplify” to describe the value of social media. I use it often to describe how Twitter amplifies blog content and how the two cross-pollinate.

Image Credit Coastline Windows & Conservatories, FlickrAs was emphasized by all speakers on this podcast, there has to be existing content –preferably high quality content–to get value from amplification. So, companies should have a solid underlying media strategy before they jump into a social media campaign. In healthcare, where I spend most of my time now, I observe hospitals trying to establish social media programs when they have weak or non-existent content strategies. They need to ask themselves what they’re amplifying and if they don’t have a good answer, I suggest they focus on building the foundational message first.

OTOH, for publishers with quality content, they’re missing out if they’re not taking advantage of social media amplification.”

Listen to / read the full Social Call episode.

Chit Chat Group Finds Portland Oregon To Be #14 Socially Networked Cities!

NetProspex on Chit Chat Group

MARCH 23, 2011 BY Andy Gross

Thanks to Men’sHealth we now have a top 100 most socially networked cities in order.  Portland, Oregon is number 14!  If your business is not into social networking it may be a good time to start.

They did a great job with covering everything to show a great picture and to keep it fair.   First, Men’s Health figured outeach city’s LinkedIn and Facebook users per capita, and then tapped the NetProspex marketing database to figure out each location’s amount of overall Twitter usage. Not stopping there, the next step was to consult online ad network Chitika to quantify traffic from MySpace,Friendster, Reddit and Digg, and finally, SimplyMap helped determine the percentage of households using chat rooms and blogs.


Most socially networked
1 Washington, DC A+
2 Atlanta, GA A+
3 Denver, CO A+
4 Minneapolis, MN A+
5 Seattle, WA A+
6 San Francisco, CA A
7 Orlando, FL A
8 Austin, TX A
9 Boston, MA A
10 Salt Lake City, UT A-

11 Cincinnati, OH A-
12 Raleigh, NC A-
13 Burlington, VT A-
14 Portland, OR B+
15 Madison, WI B+
16 Dallas, TX B+
17 Portland, ME B
18 Sacramento, CA B
19 Aurora, CO B
20 Boise, ID B
21 Charlotte, NC B
22 Wilmington, DE B
23 Oakland, CA B
24 St. Louis, MO B
25 Las Vegas, NV B
26 Columbus, OH B
27 San Diego, CA B
28 San Jose, CA B
29 St. Paul, MN B-
30 Plano, TX B-
31 Tampa, FL B-
32 Nashville, TN B-
33 Los Angeles, CA B-
34 Phoenix, AZ B-
35 Newark, NJ B-
36 Miami, FL B-
37 Norfolk, VA C+
38 Richmond, VA C+
39 Chicago, IL C+
40 Durham, NC C+
41 Colorado Springs, CO C+
42 Des Moines, IA C+
43 Jersey City, NJ C+
44 Indianapolis, IN C+
45 Milwaukee, WI C+
46 Fargo, ND C+
47 Columbia, SC C+
48 Houston, TX C+
49 Philadelphia, PA C+
50 Birmingham, AL C+
51 Cleveland, OH C+
52 Kansas City, MO C
53 New York, NY C
54 Greensboro, NC C
55 Reno, NV C
56 Manchester, NH C
57 Providence, RI C
58 Baltimore, MD C
59 Little Rock, AR C
60 Louisville, KY C
61 Sioux Falls, SD C-
62 Omaha, NE C-
63 Pittsburgh, PA C-
64 Baton Rouge, LA C-
65 Lexington, KY C
66 Wichita, KS C-
67 Anchorage, AK C-
68 Lincoln, NE C-
69 Cheyenne, WY D+
70 New Orleans, LA D+
71 Tucson, AZ D+
72 Buffalo, NY D+
73 Honolulu, HI D+
74 Santa Ana, CA D+
75 Charleston, WV D+
76 Oklahoma City, OK D+
77 Virginia Beach, VA D+
78 Winston-Salem, NC D+
79 Tulsa, OK D+
80 Albuquerque, NM D
81 Fort Worth, TX D
82 San Antonio, TX D
83 Jackson, MS D
84 Chesapeake, VA D
85 Jacksonville, FL D
86 Riverside, CA D
87 Memphis, TN D-
88 St. Petersburg, FL D-
89 Toledo, OH D-
90 Corpus Christi, TX D-

Least socially networked
91 Billings, MT D-
92 Fort Wayne, IN D-
93 Bridgeport, CT D-
94 Detroit, MI D-
95 Fresno, CA F
96 Bakersfield, CA F
97 Lubbock, TX F
98 Stockton, CA F
99 Laredo, TX F
100 El Paso, TX F