Building the Marketing Dream Team (Live Webinar)

Marketing dream team

Our Senior Director of Demand Generation, Tamara Graves, will be speaking in a live event on Thursday July 12 at 2:00pm ET about organizational considerations for the modern B2B marketing department.

Substantial changes have taken place that are transforming the ways B2B buyers engage with potential suppliers. Now more than ever, B2B buyers want to research on their own before engaging sales.
For B2B companies, the shift in the buying process requires a change in how marketing departments are configured. Yet many businesses haven’t evolved to meet the requirements of today’s more educated, self-reliant and social buyer. And if you don’t rebuild your department to be more transparent, more helpful and yes, more accountable, your prospects may seek out a competitor that does.
In this webinar, Valentine will highlight key strategies for creating a department that places increased emphasis on automation, and delivers a more rewarding experience for customers and prospects. Adding their real world insight will be Tamara Graves, Senior Director of Demand Generation, Netprospex and Talibah Mbonisi, Manager of Marketing Operations, Silverpop.

Ellen Valentine, Product Strategist, Silverpop
Tamara Graves, Senior Director of Demand Generation, NetProspex
Talibah Mbonisi, Manager of Marketing Operations, Silverpop

Kate Maddox, Exectutive Editor, BtoB

3 Decks to Inspire Your B2B Content Marketing

B2B Marketing Content

We’re kicking off a new series: You bought a list.. now what?

Acquiring targeted prospect records is only half the battle for B2B marketers. How you do make the most of these new potential sales leads? Our most successful B2B marketing clients utilize targeted marketing lists to amplify their B2B content marketing strategy. Below, we’ve collected 3 dynamic Slideshares to inspire your B2B content marketing strategy.

3 Slideshares to inspire your B2B content marketing.


Happy content-creation!

From Tamara’s Desk: 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Database

B2B Spring Cleaning

Tamara Graves is our Senior Director of Demand Generation here at NetProspex, driving pipeline activity and opportuntiy creation for our company, but more importantly, helping our entire team understand the day-to-day needs and problems of our clients working in B2B demand generation.

She recently contributed to a post on Silverpop’s blog by Ellen Valentine:

How’s your spring cleaning going this year? If you’re like me, you’ve been putting it off until the last minute. The clock is ticking as we say hello to Summer, so plunge into that messy closet, see what’s hiding under the bed and dare to reach back to the deepest corners of the fridge.

Many marketers have allowed their databases to grow a little unruly, letting unknown entities lurk in the depths. Fortunately, there’s still time to whip your data into shape. Follow these five steps to get your data spic and span, enabling you to connect with customers and prospects more strongly and ultimately drive revenue:

1) Assess the (messy) situation. Before diving into your data, take a look and see what you have. Are there any records or pieces of records in your database that you weren’t aware of? Email addresses that belong to competitors or are clearly fictitious (Mickey Mouse)? Records that don’t have complete sets, or belong to people who aren’t the right buyers for your product? Get a feel for what needs to be scrubbed clean or tossed out with the trash.

2) Build piles and sort through them. Think of your data as a closet you’re cleaning out—you need to sort your data assets into a few different piles, then work your way through each one. To help simplify the process, consider adding a field for “buyer persona” and writing a query to sort your database and capture who your buyers are.

Also, start thinking about what you want to do with your respective piles. Do you want to keep the “non-buyers” group in the messaging mix because they’ve shown interest? What about people who seem to fit the buyer profile but just aren’t responding? You’ll want to get rid of some data sets, archive some until future notice, and try a different tactic right away on others. And remember that you don’t have to go it alone—sometimes third parties can help with this task.

Don’t limit your analysis to inactives. If there are customers who have just bought once, what can you do to get them to buy again? For those who have bought from you multiple times, perhaps an upsell campaign would be productive.

3) Fill in empty spaces. As you’re cleaning the closet, you may realize sections of your wardrobe are pretty empty. Likewise, you may notice big gaps in your data. If you don’t have enough data to do segmentation, you’ll have to think about how to remedy this situation. Maybe you’ll need to append data, or perhaps you’ll want to develop an email campaign or promotion geared toward encouraging contacts to provide additional information.

4) Learn from the experience. Just as you might discover you need to reassess your pantry layout because you’re using some items more than expected and others less (sorry, Mr. Pasta Maker), you’re bound to learn some unexpected things as you’re sifting through your data. For example, maybe there’s somebody that’s buying from you that you didn’t think would be in your wheelhouse. Use the occasion to study your contacts and see if there’s anything you can to do to turn the dial on either side—both re-engaging inactives and turning active customers into even bigger fans.

5) Don’t delay—get started today. Whether you’re jolting inactives from their slumber, trying to get one-time buyers to buy again, or looking to build loyalty among your best customers, think how you can take them to the next level of engagement. Ideas might include:

  • Reaching out to them via a different channel (e.g. phone or print)
  • Offering a Snooze option
  • Asking them to update their preferences or tell you more about themselves via a survey
  • Inviting them to like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or add you on LinkedIn
  • Creating emails promoting items that fit with customers’ previous purchases
  • Promoting new thought capital, changes to your website or cool giveaways

So what are you waiting for? Clear the cobwebs out of your database and start engaging your prospects and customers today. You might be able to streamline and eliminate a bunch of inactive, inaccurate and incomplete records. You also just might find some (new) loyal fans, followers and, better yet, qualified leads.

Download the Data Quality Management Guide

Read the original post on Silverpop’s blog.

What NOT to do if you’re a B2B technology marketer.

Business Oops

If you’re a marketer for a technology company, chances are you’re fighting for the attention of professionals that are exposed to plenty of messaging from competitors.

Read on for 5 important things NOT to do, listed in reverse order of importance. Take heed; unless, of course, meeting your goals is not important to you.

Did you miss  5 B2B Technology Marketing Tips?


1 …skip the persona building exercise.
It would be great if your customer came to work today and said “I don’t have any problems. I think I’ll read a bunch of marketing materials to figure out how I should spend my day.” The reality is: your customers have real, day-to-day needs, and as a marketer it’s your job to understand these needs, and help them see why and how your product/service/or solution can help make their lives easier.

2 …overlook your client’s technology environment
Understanding your persona’s technology environment can be an important predictor of a company’s willingness to adopt your solution. If your company provides a cloud-based product, knowing a company has adopted other cloud-based technologies tells you precisely how to message to them. Also, use technology-install data to identify companies using your competition, and don’t be afraid to message aggressively. Targeted messaging to companies with competitive installs packs a 1,2 punch because it helps increase your market share while decreasing that of the competition.

3 … engage with only the final decision maker
Have you noticed? The length of the B2B tech buying cycle has increased more than 20% in just three years. Why? CIO’s readily admit that their own companies are to blame for most of the waiting period – 60.8% of the delay is due to their own buying process complexity 1 .  The truth is, more people are now involved in each decision. Failing to engage all of them with your content means missing opportunities to align them around your product, and build internal champions. Increase your opportunity to make a sale by engaging enough of the influencers at your target organizations. (Yes, this means you’ve got to build more content geared to their needs as well. Sorry.)

4 … ignore how the customer wants to buy
IT executives have consistently told IDC that they’d like their buying cycle to be shorter. Three months feels about right to them – which is 40% less than what they experience currently1. About 36% of the delay, according to IT leaders, is caused by poor marketing and sales processes on the part of their vendors1. It’s time to figure out the sell cycle of your clients, because marketers are getting part of the blame.

5 … send product-feature email blasts.
‘Nuff said. Yikes.

1 IDC’s 2012 Buyer Experience study.


Click here to download 5 B2B Technology Marketing Tips

Looking for technology-install data? Click here to learn more about TechProspex: find contacts at companies using over 800 specific technologies.



NetProspex and AG Salesworks Announce Partnership to Drive High Quality Leads for B2B Organizations

AG Pipeline Connect

New England-Based Companies Launch Joint Solution Guaranteeing Fully Qualified Sales Opportunities

NetProspex, leading B2B data services provider, today announced a partnership with AG Salesworks, an expert in developing highly qualified sales opportunities for B2B technology firms. The new joint solution, AG Pipeline Connect, delivers a critical need for B2B organizations: high quality, targeted leads that convert into profitable customers. Leveraging NetProspex’s verified contact data services, AG Salesworks will deliver full service marketing and sales campaigns that guarantee fully qualified sales leads.

As data from marketing programs and sales efforts often exist in disparate locations, B2B companies can lose visibility into subtle changes in their target market. With 25 percent of the workforce changing each year, a business contact database is continually degrading in quality. To position each client for success, the joint solution begins with a comprehensive database overhaul. NetProspex first determines a client’s ideal buyer profile, ensuring a prospect database is properly targeted towards the correct decision makers. Next, the company delivers a quality cleanse based on their proprietary CleneStep™ methodology, identifying incorrect contact information, appending missing fields, enhancing records with key demographic or firmographic details and adding net-new contacts to ensure sufficient database coverage.

Once this process is complete, AG Salesworks applies a proprietary and proven methodology to develop qualified sales opportunities from this data. This process includes campaign messaging, followed by outbound email marketing and teleprospecting. Real-time campaign analytics are delivered in detail, along with closed loop feedback on all leads passed to clearly show return on investment. With this model, the NetProspex and AG Salesworks solution demonstrates clear return on investment, with a 20X guarantee in stage-1 pipeline.

“This solution has allowed us to forecast with far more confidence,” stated Joe Federbush, vice president of Sales and Marketing at ESI. “With 87% of the leads generated by AG progressing to next steps, we are seeing an excellent return without the costs and challenges of having this in house.”

NetProspex President, Michael C. Bird, says, “Properly-targeted contact and company information is at the core of every successful lead generation program. By pairing NetProspex data with the powerful opportunity-development of AG Salesworks, this is a combination that will create the pipeline B2B technology organizations need to reach their goals.”

The joint solution is immediately available to B2B technology organizations. For more information, interested parties may visit

View release on Marketwire.



Nantucket Conference 2012: Audio, pics and tweets

NetProspex in Boston Globe

Posted by Scott Kirsner June 13, 2012 04:02 PM

Just sharing some audio, tweets, and photos from last week’s Nantucket Conference on Entrepreneurship & Innovation. About 150 entrepreneurs, investors, and tech industry execs descended on the island to scarf down lobsters and hear from speakers like Ben Fischman of Rue La La, Noam Wasserman of Harvard Business School, and Maria Cirino of .406 Ventures. This was the 13th year for the event, which started back at the peak of the first Internet bubble. (Disclosure: I’m on the advisory board for the event.)

You can see the Twitter traffic from the conference here. And there’s a “tag cloud” of the topics discussed on Twitter here, courtesy of Infomous.

Full article:

NetProspex receives $7m in Series B funding

NetProspex in Boston Globe

By Chris Reidy, Globe Staff

NetProspex, a Waltham-based provider of business contact data services, announced Wednesday it has received $7 million in Series B funding.

The deal was led by information technology investment firm Edison Ventures, which has invested $8.8 million in the company over the course of two rounds, NetProspex said in a press release. Previous investors also participated in this round.

The funding will be used to support “aggressive expansion toward category leadership in cloud-based data services,’’ Gary Halliwell, NetProspex chief executive said in a statement.

Founded in 2006, NetProspex seeks to drive customer acquisition by partnering with B2B marketers to deliver targeted prospect lists and profiling analytics.

Read full article on


NetProspex Profiled by Independent Research Firm for Improving the Quality and Coverage of Contact Data


WALTHAM, MA–(Marketwire – May 22, 2012) – NetProspex, the leading provider of verified, crowd-sourced business contact data services, today announced the availability of SiriusDecisions’ “NetProspex Vendor Profile.” The profile provides an overview of NetProspex’s value in helping marketers acquire new contacts, enhance current contact data and cleanse their database.

NetProspex has a database of more than 28 million verified business contacts, with millions of new contacts contributed each month. As the database grows more comprehensive, B2B marketers benefit from a continual flow of new, up-to-date prospects that have been verified by the company’s robustCleneStep™ technology.

“Good contact data is absolutely essential to today’s B2B marketing efforts,” said Gary Halliwell, CEO, NetProspex. “Unfortunately, it’s also often a major pain point for the marketers that have to plan and implement those efforts. We exist to eliminate the challenges associated with business contact data, from accessing and cleansing it, to maximizing its use. We’re pleased that SiriusDecisions recognized our ability to help B2B marketers improve the quality and coverage of their contact data.”

Meet NetProspex at SiriusDecisions’ Annual Summit
NetProspex is a Gold Sponsor of the SiriusDecisions’ 2012 Summit, taking place today through May 24 in Scottsdale, Ariz. During the three-day conference, SiriusDecisions analysts and top sales and marketing leaders from Fortune 500 companies and major SMBs share how B2B organizations are solving critical issues that hinder predictable growth.

Multiple members of the NetProspex team will be attending the event and available to discuss marketers’ specific data challenges and how NetProspex’s offerings may be able to help.

To read SiriusDecisions’ complete vendor profile on NetProspex visit

NetProspex Named a Best Place to Work in Boston

NetProspex in Boston Business Journal

WALTHAM, MA–(Marketwire -05/08/12)- NetProspex, the leading provider of verified, crowd-sourced business contact data services, has been named one of the best places to work in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal in its tenth annual regional awards program. The honor recognizes NetProspex’s achievements in creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees through a combination of employee satisfaction, working conditions and company culture.

“We are proud to be recognized by the Boston Business Journal as a best place to work,” said Gary Halliwell, CEO of NetProspex. “Creating a workplace environment that cultivates creativity and innovation is a central focus at NetProspex, and employee satisfaction is essential to the overall health of our fast-growing organization.”

The company is growing rapidly, and hiring. Since 2006, NetProspex has doubled its business in headcount, database size and revenue each year. In addition to offering healthcare with vision and dental, a 401k plan and insurance benefits, NetProspex also provides employees with free yoga classes, cake on their birthdays, a fully stocked kitchen and a fleet of Razor scooters to get around the office.

NetProspex was one of 25 companies awarded in the small business category for its exemplary workplace satisfaction and employee loyalty. Over 400 companies, of varying sizes, participated in the two-part employee survey which was launched in January by the Boston Business Journal in conjunction with market research firm Quantum Workplace. Companies were evaluated on the results of more than 18,000 employee satisfaction surveys that addressed such factors as their pride in the company, company encouragement, support and recognition of achievement and relationships with co-workers and supervisors.

“Companies on our list can be justifiably proud of creating a high level of workplace satisfaction during an economy where traditional rewards like big raises and bonuses aren’t as easy to give,” said Chris McIntosh, publisher of the Boston Business Journal. “In good times and in bad, our results validate how the creation of the right corporate culture can create powerful business advantages. Employees are proud to work for companies that are about more than just business.”

The top companies will be awarded during a lively breakfast on June 1 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and profiled in a special supplement of the Boston Business Journal.

For more event details, please visit To browse career opportunities at NetProspex, please visit the jobs page

NetProspex Launches Data Cloud API

Image Credit Jesussanz, Flickr

WALTHAM, MA–(Marketwire -04/25/12)- NetProspex, the leading provider of verified, crowd-sourced business contact data services, today announced the availability of its Data Cloud API(application programming interface), a set of developer tools Image Credit Jesussanz, Flickrproviding real-time access to millions of crowd-sourced business contacts validated by proprietary CleneStep™ verification.

NetProspex’s Data Cloud API is designed to return company and contact information for business professionals from an array of customizable API calls. By submitting information such as email address or company name into a data field, key contact and company information including title, phone number, address, industry, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, or revenue can be obtained in real-time as individual contacts or in lists. Developers can also integrate NetProspex’s targeted list builder functionality into their products, returning customized prospect lists from key search criteria.

“Data is the fuel at the core of all marketing automation, CRM, and sales force automation technology in the recent bloom of innovation in B2B sales and marketing,” said NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell. “By making a breadth of quality data available through a flexible API, we are empowering organizations to create exciting ways to put information at the point of use for their clients, in the tools they use every day. Partners are creating tremendous value for their users, and the possibilities are endless.”

Custom API integrations of NetProspex contact information into partner workflows were recognized at the 2012 CODiE Awards from the SIIA, winning “Best Solution Integrating Content into Workflow.” The NetProspex solution was awarded for its accessibility, business impact, depth-of-coverage, personalization, and usability.

“In order to be successful, our marketing and sales clients need the most up-to-date information about prospects.” said Rick Faulk, General Manager CRM for j2 Global®, which is already using the Data Cloud API “We chose to connect our CRM tool to NetProspex due to their focus on accuracy and their coverage. With this API integration, our clients can fill missing fields in lead records, add new contacts to a target account, and easily find fresh prospects for targeted B2B campaigns.”

Other partners currently leveraging real-time access include CRM provider Landslide, big data marketing firm Inflection, mobile advertising company VoodooVox, and B2B web analytics platform Visistat.

“Our clients rely on VoodooVox to provide actionable marketing information on mobile activity. Our integration with NetProspex enables us to show critical business profile details behind each caller including their job title, company, and industry,” said VoodooVox CEO Mike Durance. “We have been impressed with the depth and breadth of the information delivered, making NetProspex an ideal business data partner.”

Stephen Oachs, Co-founder and CTO of VisiStat has also already benefited from the API. He said, “our customers rely on VisiStat to identify companies that are visiting their website, and provide detailed contact information in real-time. With high quality data and a high-performance, yet easily integrated RESTful API, NetProspex provides a winning combination perfectly suited for our real-time data needs.”

The Data Cloud API is immediately available to developers wishing to add quality B2B contact and company data to their service offerings. More information can be found at