Finding the influencer needle in the tech-buying haystack

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Marketers have their own technology ready to help. Among those is a new intelligence service introduced last month by list-building company NetProspex Inc. The service, called TechProspex, identifies the technology used by b2b companies and contacts down to the specific model or version.

“The buying decisions usually start with the technology the prospect company already has,” said Michael Bird, NetProspex president. “And it’s almost universally a group decision, which means you have to apply common, old-school tactics—go four wide and four deep into a company to reach multiple decision-makers and influencers.”

Bird said marketers must match their own products with what a company already deploys, because all technology is, or is becoming, interconnected.

“Marketing automation is integrated with customer relationship management, which syncs with financial management systems,” he said. “And these are synced as well with website development and SEO.”

Bird confirmed the belief that marketers are quickly become greater buyers of technology than IT. “The VP of sales has more understanding of technology than people give him credit for,” Bird said. “Don’t downplay this; speak to his high level of understanding.”

When selling to marketers, Bird recommended speaking not only to their understanding of technology but also to product benefits. “Marketers’ reasons for using technology are different than IT’s,” he said. “You have to communicate how your technology can make a difference to the marketer.”

Read the original article in BtoB Magazine