A Day in the Life of a NetProspex Client Success Representative


Live a day in the life of a NetProspex team member, where we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the vital roles that form our growing company. See all open jobs at NetProspex and learn why we were voted a Best Place to Work in Boston!

Meet Ronak.

Ro works as a Client Success Representative, but if you’ve visited us in person, you might know him as our receptionist. His desk is located at the main entrance of the new NetProspex offices off RT 128 near Boston, MA. Ronak, along with his CSR team members, are not only the doormen of NetProspex HQ, but also the first point of contact for many prospective clients, customers, partners or those wanting to learn more about our B2B marketing data services.

As a Client Success Representative within the Waltham location, Ronak carries the voice of the client throughout the company. His team is a diverse group from many different backgrounds, from Advertising and Marketing to Theater and Science. Their diverse talents offer a world of expertise and know-how that enable them to solve problems and find creative solutions for clients. Whether they’re helping to find the perfect set of prospects, answering inbound inquiries and support questions, or managing complex data management projects for B2B marketers, the CSR role is one of the most exciting—and most rewarding.

Ronak joined NetProspex just over one year ago when a friend recommended the position, boasting the company’s fun, friendly work environment and opportunities to learn and grow within. Ronak left his outside sales position in his hometown of Providence in order to develop a career at the base of a growing new company.

“I wanted to find a place where I would be remembered by my name and work ethic and not by what floor I work on, like so many of these huge companies” Ronak says.

“Working at a place where I can feel free to walk into my President’s office and speak about ideas or ask real questions about product strategy and market issues is rare, and a great part of the job.”

Ronak’s role as a CSR at NetProspex serves nearly every department within the company. Answering from anywhere between 10-20 customer support phone calls a day, his team must be well versed to answer questions in the realm of sales, marketing, technical support, product information, partner services, overall company mission, and many others.

“We often work with busy marketers, and we understand their frustration with data. Our job is to prevent clients from thinking of “data” as a four-letter-word. It’s a great feeling converting an upset caller into a satisfied client, and strong believer of NetProspex and our mission”, Ronak reveals.

“ Our strong customer loyalty is reflective of the work my team does with support inquiries. As a consumer, even in B2B, it’s not just the features or price of a product that makes me love it, it’s those times when I need help or questions answered that a company shows its true colors and gains my loyalty. I take this philosophy into consideration for every call I answer.”

One of Ronak’s favorite calls was from a customer accidentally calling NetProspex while researching a different company in the database. This CEO of a communication firm reached Ronak, and after a 40 minute conversation, became a strong believer of the NetProspex mission; to provide quality data to power today’s B2B marketing. Converting a wrong number into a qualified lead made Ronak aware of the power of treating every call as a unique opportunity.

Sure, coasting into company meetings on Razor scooters, avoiding Mach 1 speed Nerf gun darts, working from bean bag chairs, and blasting Rebecca Black’s “ITS FRIDAY” weekly sounds like fun and games; but they are far from the only perks of working at NetProspex. The company believes in providing a comfortable and open work environment, meaning happy, more focused employees, and resulting in happy, successful customers.

When asked if Ronak ever reconsiders his choice to work at NetProspex, he replied

“ Nope, I love coming to work each morning. I can’t remember the last place I worked where I was excited to walk to in the office”

“I feel like a real part of this company’s future, and not just a seat and paycheck. My team and I work hard to ensure that we grow and prosper. Our CEO, Gary, tells it best when he says, “We are all in a raft together fighting the rapids. Each person on this raft has a vital role in keeping us afloat. ”

See all open jobs at NetProspex and learn why we were voted a Best Place to Work in Boston!