Don’t Talk to the Empty Chair

Empty chair

Clint Eastwood spent ten minutes talking to a chair at the Republican National Convention. We all saw it. It was weird.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Clint Eastwood. He’s one of the most talented actors out there and some of my favorite movies either star him or were directed by him. In fact, he just made a movie featuring my beloved Atlanta Braves, so I’m definitely a fan.

However, watching him talk to that empty chair got strange. Talking to a person who isn’t actually there doesn’t make any sense.

Unfortunately, B2B companies do this all the time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 48 million people changed jobs last year. I changed jobs this month (joining the marketing team here at NetProspex) and as a result, my contact information is now inaccurate in the database of any company I’ve shared my professional information with.

These companies did not get a notification that “Lauren Brubaker has a new role and therefore a new email address.” No, they are going to keep marketing to me just as they did before, not knowing my email address is invalid…not knowing that email address has become an empty chair.

If they use email marketing, they’ll keep messaging to my old address, wasting money with every send, and I’m only one person. Think about the exponential ramifications for all the bad data in your system. It. Adds. Up.

As I begin sharing my thoughts with you on the NetProspex blog, one thing will always be at the heart of my message. You must pay attention to your data. Are you?

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