Key B2B Marketing Email Stats


Looking for email marketing industry benchmarks? From average open rates to unsubscribe rates, B2B marketers measure the success on their email programs by many factors. Ultimately, the most important factors to gauge success are MQLs and marketing-generated-revenue, but the following stats are very helpful in gaining an understanding of where you stand against the average industry results.


  • Average open rate – 22.0%
  • Average click-through rate – 5.9%

Source: Epsilon Quarter 4 2009 Email Trends and Benchmark (Jan 2010)

Marketing emails using a house list experience, on average:

  • Open rates of almost 20%
  • Click-through rates of 6.64%
  • Conversion rates of 1.73%
  • Bounce rates of 3.72%
  • Unsubscribe rates of 0.77%
Source: Direct Marketing Association (2010)
To track campaign success:
  • 72% of marketers rely on clicks
  • 59.2% of marketers rely on conversion rate
  • 58.4% of marketers rely on impressions
Source:¬†Datran Media “Marketing and Media Survey” (2010)
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