From Tamara’s Desk: What’s Working in Demand Generation?

Office Woman

Tamara Graves is our Senior Director of Demand Generation here at NetProspex, driving pipeline activity and opportuntiy creation for our company, but more importantly, helping our entire team understand the day-to-day needs and problems of our clients working in B2B demand generation.

She recently contributed advice to DemandGen Report’s “What’s Working in Demand Generation” about the “secret sauce that helped leading B2B organizations fuel efficiency and growth” in 2011.

Here’s what’s working, from Tam’s POV:

  1. Lead Nurturing
    NetProspex has completely redesigned its multi-touch drip campaigns, with full nurture programs slated for 2012. Experts indicate that content is king when it comes to effective nurturing. By providing relevant, timely content, marketers can demonstrate the value proposition of their solutions and services more efficiently.
  2. Combining Inbound + Outbound
    We are utilizing landing pages through HubSpot to expand inbound efforts in conjunction with lead generation, testing integrations between its solutions and marketing automation tools.
  3. Data Management
    Our clients are focused on fixing and ensuring the quality and cleanliness of their data- and so are we. “Continual cleansing and appending of data is planned for 2012,” according to Tamara. “Considerable effort was put into finely segmenting the target to the right message, using analytics of our prospect and customer data.”

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