The Winter Release of NetProspex’s B2B Contact Tools

NetProspex Winter Release

It’s no secret at NetProspex that we have really great clients. They shared ideas and suggestions that would help create better prospect lists for demand generation, and, well, we listened. In this release, we’ve made suppression files easier to manage, launched an alert system for net-new contacts in a target market, built a dashboard for easy search management, and updated contact trading.

The Winter ’11 release is so cool, it’s hot.



New Contact Alerts

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly alerts when new contacts are available in your target audience
  • Instant access to your best new prospects

Suppression File Tools

  • Store files securely in the cloud, and keep them out of searches when necessary
  • Exclude entire domains or individual contacts


  • Leverage your new “home base” for list-building or prospecting
  • Access recent and saved searches, credit balance, folders, and trades

Contact Trading Updates

  • Trade contacts faster and easier than ever before
  • Learn more about your traded contacts
  • Keep track of past trades and their quality score

Read the full release notes here.