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Gary Halliwell NetProspex

“User-generated content occurs in many forms across the internet from Facebook to Twitter. In business media, this content is often actionable intelligence and the need for accuracy is imperative. Incenting users to contribute accurate content is one thing. Deterring free-riders who put in junk to access the information commons is another. Some of the earliest models in the user-generated space like Linux and Wikipedia are user-generated but central authority maintained and provide a great model for further business media applications that deliver new value.”

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Session information:

Friday, November 4th, 2011

8:00 – 9:00

Join the Crowd Breakfast“Crowd Sourcing” is generally thought of as a means of creating user-generated content like Wikipedia. But via the Amazon Mechanical Turk, it can be harnessed to create and append traditional directory content at dramatically lower cost and blazingly fast turnaround. Join us to see the Turk in action and find out how you can manage Amazon’s massive freelance network to produce quality output and even integrate crowd sourcing into the business model of new information services.

Matt Manning, President, Information Evolution [moderator]Ken Anderson, Co-Founder Marketing Solutions, Ltd.Gary Halliwell, Founder & CEO, NetProspexMax Yankelevich, Chief Architect, CrowdControl Software