100 Million Contacts!

NetProspex 100 Million Contacts

We’ve officially hit the 100 million mark for the number of contacts traded to the NetProspex db!

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“B2B companies share a common need to create demand today, this month, this quarter,” said Gary Halliwell, CEO of NetProspex.

“This milestone recognizes the success of crowd-sourcing as a way for companies to turn contacts they have into prospects they need. Gaining access to all potential buyers in their audience has accelerated the sales process of our clients, and is a great example of crowd sourcing in the fast-growing data cloud.”

Clients using the NetProspex contact trading platform use the service to pool contacts gathered (i.e. at a trade show) and download carefully targeted new prospects.

“The trading community at NetProspex has been an integral tool for our sales and marketing efforts,” said Tim Doscher, CTO of Enteracloud.”What sets NetProspex apart is the information is consistently higher quality than other contact record providers. Their accurate data and ease of accessibility has been our secret weapon for direct access to decision makers.”

According to Dave Kalstrom, founder of Outbound Excellence,”NetProspex’s trading feature is a zero-cost way to grow prospect databases for clients.”

Additionally, Michael Turi, President of Health Care Reach commented, “I continually use NetProspex as the trading user-interface is easy to use, I can find targeted emails for contacts, and the support team is great.”