How to Create B2B Marketing Buzz: Part II

NetProspex Craig Rosenberg

The Buzz Marketing Formula

Alice Farmiloe – Marketing & Katie Martell – Director of Buzz

What is buzz? For marketers, buzz is the amplification effect that happens when great content meets great promotion.


In B2B marketing, buzz-building incorporates content marketing, PR and web 2.0 platforms including email and social media.

Buzz-building is one of the many tools for marketers today who want to create positive association, awareness, excitement, or anticipation about their product, message or service.

In this two-part series, we’ll explore the content and promotion strategy behind a successful buzz-building campaign by NetProspex.

  • PART I: The Buzz Formula Part I: Buzz-worthy B2B content
  • PART II: The Buzz Formula Part II: How to Create (and measure) B2B Buzz


The Buzz Formula Part II: How to Create (and measure) B2B Buzz 

 Part II of the buzz formula is using PR and Web 2.0 to generate awareness, excitement, and positive buzz about your content.

[ Great content] + [ Great PR & Web 2.0 Strategy ] = BUZZ


How to generate exposure:

1. Partner with a great PR agency

2. Target high profile media outlets, key industry pubs, and relevant bloggers

3. Empower your community of clients/employees/partners to share

4. Reach targeted prospects via email

5. Engage with the buzz, repurpose content and extend the conversation

Our strategy:

PR: We partnered with the North 6th Agency to develop a targeted media outreach plan that included top-tier media platforms such as Fox Business News and The Huffington Post, tech publications such as Business Insider and eConsultancy, as well as key industry bloggers including The Funnelholic and Savvy B2B Marketing.

Web 2.0: We made it easy for everybody on the NetProspex team to share the social report with their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter networks, and encouraged them to do so via email.

We also reached out to organizations whose audiences would also benefit from the report, like Eloqua (marketing automation), who helped spread the good buzz:

Eloqua NetProspex


Email Marketing: Eating our own dog food, we downloaded a list of VPs and Directors of Marketing across the nation from, and shared the report with them as a means of introducing our brand in a valuable, helpful way.  We also shared the report with our clients and newsletter subscribers.

Engagement and repurposing: We had staff on hand to answer questions about the report publicly via Twitter, on media sites that allowed comments, and on LinkedIn. To repurpose the report, an upcoming episode of The Social Call was dedicated to the findings, and one of the companies featured in the report, Volt Information Sciences, issued a press release announcing their spot in the rankings of our report.  


Following the launch of our 4th Social Business Report, we decided to see just how effective our content marketing campaign had been. While hard to quantify the readership of publications, the sharing of articles across Twitter is easily trackable. We used Tweet Reach to measure how many Twitter accounts had been exposed to our social report in the 2 weeks immediately following the launch by mentions of the term “NetProspex”.

The results: we reached 1,200,218 people and created 4,582,340 impressions

Click here for TweetReach’s definition of these two figures.

Hint: TweetReach reads up to the last 5 days, so it’s necessary to run multiple reports every 5 days or upgrade to their enterprise service.

Are you under pressure to explain the result, ROI, or value of your content marketing or PR spend? Figures like this demonstrate the exposure gained, and the reach achieved by your buzz-building strategy.

Special thanks to Alice Farmiloe, NetProspex Intern, for her buzz-building contributions!