Outbound Marketing Pivots Around Creating Value


There’s a great new post by Ardath Albee encouraging all B2B marketers to re-think their perceptions of inbound and outbound marketing.

Inbound Needs Outbound – Ardath Albee

We recommend taking a read through of the article and comments, especially this quote from Ardath:

“…dump the label and evolve marketing to embrace the way the buyer experience is changing to meet preferences. The principles of inbound marketing will help marketers get there. But I will still argue that outbound plays a role and always will. It will just be done differently, with inbound reflected in execution.

For example, telemarketing can be done in an engaging way. I have clients with projects that incorporate it very successfully based on a business-relevant discussion, not a sales pitch or intrusive survey. Relevance is dependent on the execution.”

The outbound marketing world pivots around creating value. 

Here at NetProspex, our clients use our contact records to find the ideal audience for content marketing. They prove day in and day out that outbound marketing is not a dying or antiquated marketing tactic, but rather an ever-evolving and necessary component of growing businesses.

Our records amplify the effect of content marketing, which centers around creating value and relevance. Simply put: outbound marketing has evolved. Today’s marketers understand that to meet revenue goals and help sales reach their numbers, they have to reach out and create demand. To do that effectively requires understanding the pain points of prospects, and delivering value through solutions, education, and creativity.

We encourage all marketers to have an open mind towards outbound marketing when faced with the challenge of meeting revenue goals in their company, and to repurpose the content critical for inbound marketing in their outbound strategy.

-Katie Martell, Director of Buzz at NetProspex