Search by Job Function: The Weirdest Titles in the NetProspex Database


One of our current projects here at NetProspex is to get our
customers into the zone quicker by rounding up related job titles into common
job functions.  In essence, you could
search our database for only the job functions of your target audience.

Our aim
is to make it easier to find what you want- even if it’s ‘Buyer – Ladies

We’re a little bug eyed from scrolling through thousands of
job titles in the NetProspex database.
With over 9 million business contacts contributed by our user community,
the range of job titles in the database is huge.  There are some funny ones, some confusing
ones, some incredibly long ones, but they’re all available in the NetProspex database. (Did you know searching is totally free?)

And now, for the weirdest job titles in the NetProspex database:

– Buyer – Ladies Bottoms, Variety
Wholesalers Inc
., Henderson, NC

– Joke Teller, Fly Fishing
, Avon, CO

Head of Noodle Technology, Canadian
International Grains Institute
, Winnipeg, MB

– Vice President Candles, The
Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs Inc
, New York, NY

– Owner and Style Driver, Vain,
Seattle, WA

– Vice-Chair of the Taste and Odor Committee, American
Water Works Association
, Denver, CO

– Small Animal Receptionist, Pilchuck
Veterinary Hospital
, Snohomish, WA

– Computer Monkey, City of
, Winnipeg, MB

Search for YOUR perfect audience by job function. Searching is free.

To steal from the King, we need a little less conversation a
little more action, baby, All this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me. 

That’s a great mantra (sorry to go all eastern
mystic on you, Elvis) for a business information company.

Among business information companies, there
should be less friction in finding information- the benefit is increased time using that information. (Selling!)

Time in the zone for sales and marketing is
not going through a database looking for relevant contacts, but using that time
to communicate with potential buyers.

The more you are in the zone, the better the results. After all, people are in
business to do business, and we believe it’s good practice to be found.. even
if you’re a Head of Noodle Technology. Now get in the zone!