Gary’s Corner: Generating Leads

Image credit James Debono, Flickr

The sales game is changing as business use of the web continues to evolve and new Internet sales and marketing tools hit the market. A lot of the focus has been on innovation in inbound lead generation tools.  Sometimes we hear that outbound solicitation such as phone and email is a thing of the past.  I think that’s over-simplification. Outbound sales tools are starting to get interesting. If the market weakens further, then I suspect more than a few CEOs will increase their focus on outbound lead generation.  It’s a lever that, when used properly, provides a lot of control in hitting targets. Better visibility into potential customers is like shining a light into the recesses of a sales territory. It really helps to be able to acquire greater knowledge on who the potential customers are, especially with the targeting Image credit James Debono, Flickrability tools like NetProspex provide. Outbound has become less scattershot and more focused.  New tools like this help you dig deeper into a company to identify the right target for your particular message, and help you assess the accuracy and validity of your information.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is in finding and evaluating the best tools for your needs. Assess your priorities – do your require ease of use, low cost, data accuracy and freshness, depth of coverage, high volume?   And don’t be shy about your needs – if you don’t see what you want out there, ask for it! Technology has broken down many of the barriers to development, and smart companies will listen intently to customer needs.

New Product News:  Contact Trading
NetProspex’s new contact trading mechanism allows users to trade old contacts for new. Check it out! I’m sure you’ll find it a great way to get new prospects…FREE. We’ve made it extremely easy. Just upload a file of contacts to our database and then we take care of all the rest – matching, checking and validating the data so that when the data is put into the database, it’s clean and accurate. We have lots of new tools in development and I’ll use this space each to let you know about them.

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