Who’s Who in BtoB Magazine? NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell, that’s who!


Congratulation to NetProspex CEO, Gary Halliwell for his recognition in BtoB Magazine’s “Who’s Who in Direct Mail” 2012.

“This year, Halliwell spearheaded a $7 million capital financing deal to extend the company’s database compilation capabilities, crowd-sourcing of sales leads and channel partner integration. The Software & Information Industry Association named NetProspex a double CODiE award winner as best lead-generation service and top solution for integrating content into work flow.”

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Why “list” is no longer a 4-letter word

NetProspex lists

Gary Halliwell, July 17, 2012
Marketing lists have a bad reputation. For B2B organizations, acquiring information about potential customers has historically meant buying or renting lists from publishers and professional directories. Poor data quality, lack of coverage, and few segmentation options were some of the limitations of an industry that owes much of its thinking and behavior to the byzantine, non-digital world of direct mail, rather than the needs of marketers driving today’s revenue generation engines. “List” is often a four-letter word associated with a sketchy industry.

However, we are seeing a turning point in the B2B data industry that has occurred because of the incredible growth of customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation — a sector that has boomed throughout the current recession. The combination of technology and business process automation in the sales and marketing environment continues to deliver revenue for companies large and small. However, when you mix dirty data and automation, quite simply, nothing happens. I refer to this as “friction” in the lead generation process, and it has been the impetus for change in the data industry, forcing the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

Marketing and CRM automation provide the plumbing of today’s sales process. Data are the things flowing through the pipes, and dirty information will easily gum up the works. When marketing emails bounce and sales follow-up calls reach a dead end, bad data get really expensive really fast in a revenue generation environment. Today’s B2B marketers are smart — they aren’t using lists for “spray and pray” tactics, but rather for targeted audience development driven by a bloom of content marketing. They’re also smarter data shoppers — not falling for the old tricks of buying data without accountability for its performance. Today, data acquisition and maintenance strategies are key ingredients of successful marketing departments.

This new market drove the turning point; the old way just wasn’t working for marketers, and the data providers needed to change. Fortunately, at the same time this was occurring, technology came into existence that forever overhauled the list business as we know it. Sets of segmented, consistent data of high quality are now the tools of a savvy marketer and the fuel that amplifies persona-based content marketing through automated systems. Marketers today can choose to work with data that have been “scrubbed” to ensure greater accuracy, disparate information can be combined more easily, and, with the advent of this cleaner and more complete data set, marketers can perform more complex segmentation, slicing and dicing to their hearts’ content.

Today’s marketer has choices when it comes to buying lists and improving the data they already have. As the industry continues to evolve, buyers will want to perform due diligence when they select a partner. Marketers can and should:

  • Know the origin of the list data
  • Be familiar with the methodology being used to keep the data clean
  • Expect reputable list providers to offer a guarantee
  • Ensure their email campaigns are CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Look for a partner that provides additional data services that may be helpful, such as data cleansing

When done right, lists can be a respected and critical part of successful B2B marketing programs. Marketers leveraging automation, lead scoring, content marketing, and inbound web registrations all have one critical piece of the puzzle in common: contact and company data. The B2B data companies willing to rise to the challenge can become partners for marketers who need to amplify their messaging and create demand. The rest will be left behind.

Source: http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/32225.asp

Nantucket Conference 2012: Audio, pics and tweets

NetProspex in Boston Globe

Posted by Scott Kirsner June 13, 2012 04:02 PM

Just sharing some audio, tweets, and photos from last week’s Nantucket Conference on Entrepreneurship & Innovation. About 150 entrepreneurs, investors, and tech industry execs descended on the island to scarf down lobsters and hear from speakers like Ben Fischman of Rue La La, Noam Wasserman of Harvard Business School, and Maria Cirino of .406 Ventures. This was the 13th year for the event, which started back at the peak of the first Internet bubble. (Disclosure: I’m on the advisory board for the event.)

You can see the Twitter traffic from the conference here. And there’s a “tag cloud” of the topics discussed on Twitter here, courtesy of Infomous.

Full article: http://www.boston.com/business/technology/innoeco/2012/06/nantucket_conference_2012_audi.html

NetProspex Profiled by Independent Research Firm for Improving the Quality and Coverage of Contact Data


WALTHAM, MA–(Marketwire – May 22, 2012) – NetProspex, the leading provider of verified, crowd-sourced business contact data services, today announced the availability of SiriusDecisions’ “NetProspex Vendor Profile.” The profile provides an overview of NetProspex’s value in helping marketers acquire new contacts, enhance current contact data and cleanse their database.

NetProspex has a database of more than 28 million verified business contacts, with millions of new contacts contributed each month. As the database grows more comprehensive, B2B marketers benefit from a continual flow of new, up-to-date prospects that have been verified by the company’s robustCleneStep™ technology.

“Good contact data is absolutely essential to today’s B2B marketing efforts,” said Gary Halliwell, CEO, NetProspex. “Unfortunately, it’s also often a major pain point for the marketers that have to plan and implement those efforts. We exist to eliminate the challenges associated with business contact data, from accessing and cleansing it, to maximizing its use. We’re pleased that SiriusDecisions recognized our ability to help B2B marketers improve the quality and coverage of their contact data.”

Meet NetProspex at SiriusDecisions’ Annual Summit
NetProspex is a Gold Sponsor of the SiriusDecisions’ 2012 Summit, taking place today through May 24 in Scottsdale, Ariz. During the three-day conference, SiriusDecisions analysts and top sales and marketing leaders from Fortune 500 companies and major SMBs share how B2B organizations are solving critical issues that hinder predictable growth.

Multiple members of the NetProspex team will be attending the event and available to discuss marketers’ specific data challenges and how NetProspex’s offerings may be able to help.

To read SiriusDecisions’ complete vendor profile on NetProspex visit http://content.netprospex.com/netprospex-siriusdecisions-2012/

NetProspex Launches Data Cloud API

Image Credit Jesussanz, Flickr

WALTHAM, MA–(Marketwire -04/25/12)- NetProspex, the leading provider of verified, crowd-sourced business contact data services, today announced the availability of its Data Cloud API(application programming interface), a set of developer tools Image Credit Jesussanz, Flickrproviding real-time access to millions of crowd-sourced business contacts validated by proprietary CleneStep™ verification.

NetProspex’s Data Cloud API is designed to return company and contact information for business professionals from an array of customizable API calls. By submitting information such as email address or company name into a data field, key contact and company information including title, phone number, address, industry, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, or revenue can be obtained in real-time as individual contacts or in lists. Developers can also integrate NetProspex’s targeted list builder functionality into their products, returning customized prospect lists from key search criteria.

“Data is the fuel at the core of all marketing automation, CRM, and sales force automation technology in the recent bloom of innovation in B2B sales and marketing,” said NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell. “By making a breadth of quality data available through a flexible API, we are empowering organizations to create exciting ways to put information at the point of use for their clients, in the tools they use every day. Partners are creating tremendous value for their users, and the possibilities are endless.”

Custom API integrations of NetProspex contact information into partner workflows were recognized at the 2012 CODiE Awards from the SIIA, winning “Best Solution Integrating Content into Workflow.” The NetProspex solution was awarded for its accessibility, business impact, depth-of-coverage, personalization, and usability.

“In order to be successful, our marketing and sales clients need the most up-to-date information about prospects.” said Rick Faulk, General Manager CRM for j2 Global®, which is already using the Data Cloud API “We chose to connect our CRM tool to NetProspex due to their focus on accuracy and their coverage. With this API integration, our clients can fill missing fields in lead records, add new contacts to a target account, and easily find fresh prospects for targeted B2B campaigns.”

Other partners currently leveraging real-time access include CRM provider Landslide, big data marketing firm Inflection, mobile advertising company VoodooVox, and B2B web analytics platform Visistat.

“Our clients rely on VoodooVox to provide actionable marketing information on mobile activity. Our integration with NetProspex enables us to show critical business profile details behind each caller including their job title, company, and industry,” said VoodooVox CEO Mike Durance. “We have been impressed with the depth and breadth of the information delivered, making NetProspex an ideal business data partner.”

Stephen Oachs, Co-founder and CTO of VisiStat has also already benefited from the API. He said, “our customers rely on VisiStat to identify companies that are visiting their website, and provide detailed contact information in real-time. With high quality data and a high-performance, yet easily integrated RESTful API, NetProspex provides a winning combination perfectly suited for our real-time data needs.”

The Data Cloud API is immediately available to developers wishing to add quality B2B contact and company data to their service offerings. More information can be found at http://www.netprospex.com/np/partner

Need sales leads? NetProspex says its service finds data in the rough

Netprospex in Boston Business Journal

Boston Business Journal by Kyle Alspach, VC Editor

Date: Friday, December 30, 2011, 10:12am EST

For most startups, it probably wouldn’t be relevant for its CEO to have a background working as a diamond prospector in Africa. Not so at Waltham’s NetProspex.

“We’re looking for diamonds out of dirt,” said company CEO Gary Halliwell. “That’s what we do.”

Halliwell is referring to his company’s service for providing contacts to sales and marketing professionals — using a combination of crowdsourcing (users trade in contacts), technology that “cleans” the contacts and aggressive verification (including phone calls).

The end result is verified email addresses and phone numbers for customer leads, the company says. Halliwell contends that the service could ultimately be a billion-dollar opportunity. (Full disclosure: The American City Business Journals, parent company of the Boston Business Journal, is an investor in NetProspex.)

After steady growth in recent years, NetProspex says it had a breakout year in 2011, passing the milestone of having 25 million verified contacts on file and doubling its revenue (the firm doesn’t disclose specific revenue figures, but says it’s ahead of the plan it set a year ago).

Halliwell, an Oxford-educated geologist who spent five years exploring for diamonds out of a tent in the Kalahari Desert for De Beers, co-founded NetProspex in 2005 after serving as president of Zoom Information, a B2B contacts site.

The inspiration for the company was simple: Sales and marketing people need accurate contacts to do their jobs, but most options out there are notorious for having low accuracy rates.

“If the data is wrong, it’s useless,” he said.

The contacts are sent in by marketing professionals, and can be traded on a one-to-one basis (one contact for one contact). Users can also buy contacts, which is a main source of the company’s revenue.

Tech industry professionals make up a large part of the company’s customer base; professionals at EMC, Nuance, NetSuite and SAP are among the users of the service.

In the first quarter of next year, NetProspex also plans to commercially launch a service that will “clean” contacts for enterprise customers that feel their own contact lists are falling short.

NetProspex employs 48, and has raised $7.5 million in outside financing to date, from backers including Edison Venture Fund of New Jersey and American City Business Journals.

See Gary talk Crowdsourcing at Data Content 2011

Gary Halliwell NetProspex

“User-generated content occurs in many forms across the internet from Facebook to Twitter. In business media, this content is often actionable intelligence and the need for accuracy is imperative. Incenting users to contribute accurate content is one thing. Deterring free-riders who put in junk to access the information commons is another. Some of the earliest models in the user-generated space like Linux and Wikipedia are user-generated but central authority maintained and provide a great model for further business media applications that deliver new value.”

See Gary on Day 2 of DataContent 2011 



Session information:

Friday, November 4th, 2011

8:00 – 9:00

Join the Crowd Breakfast“Crowd Sourcing” is generally thought of as a means of creating user-generated content like Wikipedia. But via the Amazon Mechanical Turk, it can be harnessed to create and append traditional directory content at dramatically lower cost and blazingly fast turnaround. Join us to see the Turk in action and find out how you can manage Amazon’s massive freelance network to produce quality output and even integrate crowd sourcing into the business model of new information services.

Matt Manning, President, Information Evolution [moderator]Ken Anderson, Co-Founder Marketing Solutions, Ltd.Gary Halliwell, Founder & CEO, NetProspexMax Yankelevich, Chief Architect, CrowdControl Software


NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell to speak at SIIA NetGain conference

NetProspex Gary

NetProspex CEO Gary Halliwell will be speaking at the SIIA NetGain conference, May 17-18 in Boston, MA.

The conference will address innovation in the B2B content industry, featuring innovative business models, products and technologies, as well as an “in the field” agenda to meet some of the Boston-area’s greatest innovators.

Please visit the SIIA NetGain website for registration and full conference agenda.


NetProspex Announces Appointment of Thomas C. Rauker as Chief Financial Officer

Netprospex Logo

Tue, 12/21/2010 – 9:00am — NetProspex Buzz

Fast-growing Data as a Service provider brings on financial industry veteran to continue company’s stellar growth.

Waltham, MA (December 21, 2010) – NetProspex Inc., the world’s most accurate and fastest-growing Data as a Service (DaaS) provider for B-to-B sales and marketing decision makers, today announced the appointment of Tom Rauker to the position of Chief Financial Officer. In his new role with NetProspex, Rauker will oversee the company’s finance and operations.

Rauker joins NetProspex with 25 years of finance and business management experience in a wide range of sectors, including technology and online ventures. Most recently, Rauker served for two years as a strategic financial consultant for Dow Jones & Company following the May 2008 acquisition of Generate, Inc. where he served as CFO since 2005.  Rauker is a partner at Rauker, Schienfedt & Company, Inc., a leading accounting, tax and consulting services firm based out of Massachusetts, prior to that starting his career at Deloitte in Boston.

Throughout his career, Rauker has assisted clients in raising over $100 million in debt and equity funding, and has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar strategic contracts with Lycos, CNet, D&B and Dow Jones, among others.

“Tom has a proven track record of developing financial and operational strategies for technology businesses for more than two decades,” said Gary Halliwell, CEO of NetProspex. “His experience, abilities, and strategic vision will prove to be invaluable for NetProspex as we continue to elevate our presence and define ourselves as the standard in the DaaS space for B-to-B decision makers.”

Rauker joins NetProspex during a time of tremendous growth, as the company has grown its customer base by more than 150 percent, achieved steady quarterly revenue growth, and increased its database to more than 16 million complete business contacts, over the past year alone.  Additionally, the company recently announced that it secured a $5.5 million venture capital financing round led by leading information technology investment firm Edison Ventures.

“I’m excited to work with the NetProspex team as a central part of an organization that is bringing an entirely new level of innovation, convenience and efficiency to the business prospecting landscape,” said Thomas C. Rauker, Chief Financial Officer at NetProspex.

This announcement is the first in what is expected to be a series of product enhancements, new launches and continued growth of NetProspex’s database and customer base. For more information on NetProspex and to follow the company as it announces upcoming news, please visit:www.NetProspex.com.