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From Tamara’s Desk: 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Database

By | June 26, 2012

Tamara Graves is our Senior Director of Demand Generation here at NetProspex, driving pipeline activity and opportuntiy creation for our company, but more importantly, helping our entire team understand the day-to-day needs and problems of our clients working in B2B demand generation. She recently contributed to a post on Silverpop’s blog by Ellen Valentine: How’s your spring cleaning going this year? If you’re like me, you’ve been putting it off until the last… Read More »

What NOT to do if you’re a B2B technology marketer.

By | June 25, 2012

If you’re a marketer for a technology company, chances are you’re fighting for the attention of professionals that are exposed to plenty of messaging from competitors. Read on for 5 important things NOT to do, listed in reverse order of importance. Take heed; unless, of course, meeting your goals is not important to you. Did you miss  5 B2B Technology Marketing Tips? Don’t… 1 …skip the persona building exercise. It… Read More »

NetProspex and AG Salesworks Announce Partnership to Drive High Quality Leads for B2B Organizations

By | June 20, 2012

New England-Based Companies Launch Joint Solution Guaranteeing Fully Qualified Sales Opportunities NetProspex, leading B2B data services provider, today announced a partnership with AG Salesworks, an expert in developing highly qualified sales opportunities for B2B technology firms. The new joint solution, AG Pipeline Connect, delivers a critical need for B2B organizations: high quality, targeted leads that convert into profitable customers. Leveraging NetProspex’s verified contact data services, AG Salesworks will deliver full… Read More »

Quick stat: 48 million people (37% of the workforce) changed jobs in 2011

By | March 20, 2012

In 2011, 48,242,000 people changed jobs. This includes turnovers including layoffs and discharges, quits, and other separations. Layoffs and discharges: 20,718,000 Quits: 23,578,000 Other separations: 3,943,000 This is out of 131,800,000 total workers, meaning 36.73% of the total working population changed jobs in 2011. This information speaks to an inherent problem in B2B lead generation: contact data quality. With people constantly changing jobs, marketers must stay on top of data hygiene best practices, and… Read More »

From Tamara’s Desk: What’s Working in Demand Generation?

By | February 2, 2012

Tamara Graves is our Senior Director of Demand Generation here at NetProspex, driving pipeline activity and opportuntiy creation for our company, but more importantly, helping our entire team understand the day-to-day needs and problems of our clients working in B2B demand generation. She recently contributed advice to DemandGen Report’s “What’s Working in Demand Generation” about the “secret sauce that helped leading B2B organizations fuel efficiency and growth” in 2011. Here’s… Read More »

The Winter Release of NetProspex’s B2B Contact Tools

By | December 21, 2011

It’s no secret at NetProspex that we have really great clients. They shared ideas and suggestions that would help create better prospect lists for demand generation, and, well, we listened. In this release, we’ve made suppression files easier to manage, launched an alert system for net-new contacts in a target market, built a dashboard for easy search management, and updated contact trading. The Winter ’11 release is so cool, it’s… Read More »

B2B Social Media Examples (From SocialMediaPlus 2011)

By | November 16, 2011

Click here to view our Prezi about B2B Social Media in today’s SocialMediaSummit, where Michael Bird (NetProspex Chief Revenue Officer) and Ben Grossman (Digital Strategist) revealed: The State of B2B Social Media Examples of B2B Companies Embracing Social Media Actionable tips to get started with Social Media To download the NetProspex Social Report, visit http://www.netprospex.com/np/social

See Gary talk Crowdsourcing at Data Content 2011

By | November 3, 2011

“User-generated content occurs in many forms across the internet from Facebook to Twitter. In business media, this content is often actionable intelligence and the need for accuracy is imperative. Incenting users to contribute accurate content is one thing. Deterring free-riders who put in junk to access the information commons is another. Some of the earliest models in the user-generated space like Linux and Wikipedia are user-generated but central authority maintained… Read More »

100 Million Contacts!

By | October 12, 2011

We’ve officially hit the 100 million mark for the number of contacts traded to the NetProspex db! Read the full release. “B2B companies share a common need to create demand today, this month, this quarter,” said Gary Halliwell, CEO of NetProspex. “This milestone recognizes the success of crowd-sourcing as a way for companies to turn contacts they have into prospects they need. Gaining access to all potential buyers in their… Read More »

The Power of WOM and Ice Cream!

By | September 6, 2011

Alice Farmiloe “We will trade data for scoops,” cried NetProspex employees last week before receiving an exciting summer treat when the Ben & Jerry’s truck stopped by our office in Waltham on their summer tour. They dished out bountiful scoops to the entire workforce of their new flavor ‘Americone Dream.’ It all started with our data specialist Erin, who began spreading the word that if NetProspex employees tweeted enough we… Read More »