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Four Ways to Ratchet Up Your Prospecting ROI

By | May 9, 2008

It’s the classic sales and marketing paradox:  The tighter the economy, the tighter the marketing budget – even as sales’s demand for more and better leads increases exponentially.  In an economic downturn, demonstrating a quantifiable return on each marketing dollar spent is more important than ever. But successful prospecting is about more than simply getting as many leads for as little money as possible.  As Aaron Ross of Salesmachine.com states,… Read More »

Using Saved Search Features

By | May 9, 2008

When searching online for sales contacts or marketing campaign lists, a saved search feature can help you quickly update your list, or set up controlled campaign tests.  Once you have created a search that matches your most productive customer profile, save the search and rerun at regular intervals to pick up any new prospects that have been added to the source database.  Be sure the service indicates which records have… Read More »

NetProspex Releases Free Sales Lead Validation Tools

By | March 28, 2008

Waltham, MA, March 28, 2008– Reaching the right person with the right offer is the key to effective selling.  Now, a new set of sales lead tools from NetProspex, a leader in providing accurate sales information, helps sales professionals validate their contact information. The tools are free, and available on the NetProspex web site. “The new suite of sales lead tools increases NetProspex’s value as a time management tool for… Read More »

NetProspex Releases NetProspex Exchange: Easy and Accurate Sales Contact Trading

By | February 15, 2008

Waltham, MA, February 15, 2008 It’s an age-old problem for sales and marketing professionals: How do you realize value from existing contacts in your Rolodex, and how do you find new leads? The answer is NetProspex Exchange, launched by NetProspex, Inc., a provider of accurate sales intelligence. NetProspex Exchange is an easy-to-use online service that allows sales and marketing professionals to pool their contacts. In return, contributors download new leads… Read More »

NetProspex Releases Quarterly Update

By | January 31, 2008

NetProspex has completed its quarterly update process, adding new contacts and companies that are available to you right now for your sales and marketing campaigns. As always, we’ve purged old records to ensure that your prospect list is accurate and up to date. We have added and updated over 1 million contacts in this update, so you should find plenty of new opportunities in the database. If you have a… Read More »

A Hot Month in August for NetProspex Sales

By | August 30, 2007

In what is traditionally a quiet time of the year, August has surprisingly strong for NetProspex sales with more than 40 new corporate accounts signed.  A leading player in the charitable foundation management space added a subscription following an intitial trial purchase and provided very positive feedback on accuracy and ROI they have experienced.  The leader in web conferencing software signed a deal for multiple seats.  In addition, one of… Read More »

Skype Toolbar on NetProspex – Now We’re Talking

By | July 31, 2007

Just downloaded the new Skype Toolbar which turns every phone number on my Internet Explorer screen to a clickable dial-up.  When we run NetProspex that means all 2.5 million phone numbers are now clickable.  What a great time-saver for sales with both email and phone now clickable directly from the NetProspex results screen. Sales managers take note of the efficiency gains here.  Sales people don’t have to wait to be… Read More »

Accuracy from our Recent Phone Survey Looks Good at 73%

By | July 27, 2007

 Every few months we run snap-shot phone surveys on our data to get a fix on the current accuracy of the database.  Accuracy is a big thing for us because it’s an important issue for customers.  Sometimes we offshore the surveys to third party companies, but this time we used our intern Sam to make the calls and find out how we are doing.  The results are as follows: 377… Read More »