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NetProspex receives $7m in Series B funding

By | June 6, 2012

By Chris Reidy, Globe Staff NetProspex, a Waltham-based provider of business contact data services, announced Wednesday it has received $7 million in Series B funding. The deal was led by information technology investment firm Edison Ventures, which has invested $8.8 million in the company over the course of two rounds, NetProspex said in a press release. Previous investors also participated in this round. The funding will be used to support “aggressive… Read More »

Need sales leads? NetProspex says its service finds data in the rough

By | December 30, 2011

Boston Business Journal by Kyle Alspach, VC Editor Date: Friday, December 30, 2011, 10:12am EST For most startups, it probably wouldn’t be relevant for its CEO to have a background working as a diamond prospector in Africa. Not so at Waltham’s NetProspex. “We’re looking for diamonds out of dirt,” said company CEO Gary Halliwell. “That’s what we do.” Halliwell is referring to his company’s service for providing contacts to sales and… Read More »

The Jig is Up. What’s behind Salesforce.com’s re-branding of Jigsaw to Data.com

By | September 7, 2011

 Gary Halliwell, CEO NetProspex Read Write Web article about data.com Discussion on FOCUS.com Along with 42,000 other people, I attended Dreamforce in San Francisco last week. It’s a staggering event, from the Jobs-like keynote by CEO Mark Benioff, to guest speakers like Google CEO, Eric Schmidt and even an appearance by Metallica at a private concert for thousands of Salesforce customers.  Amidst all the hoopla, Salesforce surprised many with its… Read More »

NetProspex Just Got Seriously Social

By | August 4, 2011

Background Here at NetProspex, the last 2 weeks have been pretty exciting. Following the success of our prior Social Business Reports, we just released the Summer 2011 edition . Our aim was to illustrate the widespread social media adoption in the US business community. It is our most comprehensive study to date, with more research, insights, and data than ever before. Our team analyzed 12 million businesspeople from the NetProspex… Read More »

NetProspex Review: InformationWeek

By | April 13, 2011

The idea of buying compiled contact lists isn’t new, so what makes NetProspex different? Two things, according to Bird. First, all contact info is verified by overseas staffers who call each number to make sure it belongs to the person whose name is attached to it. Second, “we’re the first to bake social media–Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter info–into each record in our database,” Bird says. Read the full article  … Read More »

Vendor Helps SMBs Build Contact Databases

By | April 12, 2011

Posted by Michele Warren Apr 12, 2011 17:11 PM It’s not what you know; it’s who you know, right? Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. I mean, knowledge is important in the grand scheme of things. But it’s definitely true that knowing the right people can be very helpful. And having a way with others can certainly be a boon to business. How do you make connections with the right people, be they… Read More »

4 Challenges B2B Marketers Face Today

By | April 12, 2011

ten24’s B2B Content Marketing Summit held an informal survey of attendees. Here are their results, and the full article. Awareness – How many of you report to a CEO, management team, board or investor group that is telling you that your company awareness needs to be increased?  (How often are you hearing – we have a great product or service or story to tell – how come nobody  knows us?) 26% 2. Lead… Read More »

Twitter Town USA

By | March 7, 2011

Researched by Wanda Lau, Posted Date: March 7, 2011 When we first decided to crown one town America’s Most Socially Networked City, our money was on Palo Alto. As home to the headquarters of Facebook, Palo Alto might as well be called Zuckerburgh. But the title instead goes to Washington D.C., a city where staying connected can get out the vote, and virtual handshakes help shape our nation. We started by… Read More »

Breaking Down the Marketing Automation Market

By | December 21, 2010

NetProspex’s business contacts are ideal for marketing automation platforms, as our accurate data keeps an automated engine running smoothly. Many of our customers utilize marketing automation to get the most out of every lead and contact in their universe, and those who aren’t are certainly thinking about it. Our friends at Marketing Automation Software Guide (on Twitter @crmadvice and @MASoftwareGuide) have created this interactive map that helps buyers visualize how the market breaks… Read More »