Boats… bikes… and better data. NetProspex at the SiriusDecisions Summit 2013


The 2013 SiriusDecisions Summit, a must-attend B2B sales and marketing leadership conference, is next week in San Diego. NetProspex is proud to be a major sponsor of the event, and there are a few ways to interact with our team if you’re attending:



Boat party! 

Join NetProspex and your B2B colleagues on the high seas for drinks, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and music selected by our resident CEO and DJ Gary Halliwell. We’ll be cruising around the San Diego Bay on the luxurious California Princess yacht at the must-attend party of SiriusDecisions 2013!

The boat departs at 8:00pm directly behind the Hyatt, and will drop off in the same location at 10:00pm. Come see us at the show for more information or reserve your spot here.


REPUBLIC - Netprospex (angle)

Bike give-away!

Visit the NetProspex booth for your chance to win a custom NetProspex bike. We’ll ship one anywhere in the U.S. after the show, but you can take one for a test-drive in the booth!

11817_442760699140792_1001037834_n  nike-fuelband
Win a Nike+ FuelBand!

Pick up one of 4 healthy data buttons and be seen wearing them around the show for a chance to win a Nike+ Fuelband. We’ll pick winners during breaks in the exhibit hall, so make sure you’re seen wearing your button.

Mike Bird and Ben Grossman

Real-life data management!

Watch our president Michael Bird present a case study on data management alongside Matt Heinz on Wednesday morning (5/8) at 8:00am or 9:00am.

We’re bringing plenty of copies of the Marketing Data Benchmark Report – revealing the true state of the data sitting in your marketing automation system or CRM. Read the full report (it’s free) — and you’ll find that over half of B2B companies in the U.S. are using unreliable data to fuel their marketing activity. Yikes!

Data maintenance is a lot like taking care of your personal health and wellness. You know you’ve got to eat right & stay active to feel and do your best. When there is a problem, you diagnose it and treat the symptoms. High-performing sales and marketing teams live by these rules when managing their data, and NetProspex is the smarter data partner who can help.

We look forward to seeing you at the show! Reach out at with any questions.

B2B Marketers Agree: It’s Time to Do Something About Data Quality


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Data is a B2B marketer’s lifeline. To be successful in reaching potential customers, elevating existing customer relationships, and cultivating new sales leads, marketers must ensure that their contact databases are clean, current, and complete.


  • More than 50 percent of companies work with unreliable or risky data.
  • Data cleansing will be the main factor to make or break a campaign’s or event’s success.
  • It’s time for marketers to stop ignoring the plague of dirty data.

Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy and viable contact database is easier said than done. As was shown in NetProspex’s The State of Marketing Data 2013 report issued earlier this year, even in today’s business landscape, where data mining technology is readily available to the B2B marketer, marketers struggle with issues surrounding phone connectabilty, email deliverability, and record incompleteness. In fact, more than 50 percent of companies work with unreliable or risky data. So what causeses marketers’ contact databases to remain lackluster and, more importantly, what are the strategies marketers can use to improve and ensure the constant health of their overall data quality?

We’ve turned to three industry experts, who offer marketers the following advice on what it takes to clean up and maintain a healthy contact database.

Beverly Chiarelli, Mimecast Senior Marketing Manager
“When building a marketing budget, ‘data cleansing’ often gets left behind because it is invisible when compared to events, email, direct mail, and advertising. Yet data cleansing will be the main factor to make or break a campaign’s or event’s success. A key component in the cleansing process is creating complete data that enables meaningful communications. As marketers up their game to provide appealing thought-leadership with the buyer’s needs and interests in mind, the effort will fall flat unless that content can go to specific audience segments that would welcome it rather than resorting to ‘buck-shot marketing.’”

Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing President
“The primary reason marketers struggle with database hygiene is that they simply don’t pay attention to it. They focus the majority of their time on creating new lists, new leads, new offers, and creative materials while leaving their existing databases to remain stagnant and ignored. It is a huge hidden productivity drain for organizations. Their email delivery and response rates are suppressed. They’re more susceptible to spam filters and black lists. Their sales reps are calling phone numbers that do not work or are calling contacts that no longer exist. That is valuable time spent on generating unproductive leads.”

Samantha Stone, Marketing Advisory Network Founder and Senior Analyst
“While there is no fairy dust we can sprinkle to make our database magically complete, there are many tactics we can use to make an imperfect data set an efficient marketing device. The three strategies I use most often to operate under imperfect database conditions are give to get, incent sales, and append data.

“First, give to get: Content marketing has taught marketers to draw in potential buyers through great content, but we often end up forgetting about the opportunity to give to get in an ongoing fashion. Give to get isn’t just about the first time a visitor accesses a marketer’s assets–it’s about getting to know each other and trading information about the buyer’s challenges and the marketer’s offerings.

“Second, incent sales: Sales people talk to a company’s database everyday to gather information that could be hugely valuable, but that data does marketing no good if it sits in the notes field of the database or worse, on someone’s desk-side notebook. Incent sales by making information capturing easy and rewarding to those who excel.

“Finally, append data: By integrating contact databases across multiple data sources, marketers can append and converge known information to round out a meaningful picture of their potential buyer.”

The first step on the road toward clean, healthy data is, of course, identifying one’s database issues. Marketers should strive to assess the current state of their databases across email deliverability, phone connectability, record duplication, and record completeness. The real challenge lies in maintaining that healthy data on a constant basis. By working to adopt best practices, companies will be better positioned to avoid such risks and impact, such as:

  • Falling short of revenue goals by not reaching target buyers.
  • Damage to brand and sender reputation from poor email deliverability or redundant sends.
  • Financial impact from increased records storage costs and inefficiencies.
  • Limited segmentation, low conversions, and incorrect lead routing from a lack of sufficient data and incomplete records.

It’s time for marketers to stop ignoring the plague of dirty data in their marketing automation systems and CRM databases. According to a recent report from Eloqua, by simply maintaining good hygiene practices on the data driving campaigns, marketers can realize seven times the number of inquiries and four times the number of leads. So what are you waiting for?

Get FIT @ the Marketo User Summit & Sales 2.0 with NetProspex


NetProspex is excited to be sponsoring two great events in San Francisco this week. The Marketo User Summit (April 8-10 at the Hilton Union Square) and Sales 2.0 (Four Seasons April 8-9).

We’ve brought plenty of copies of our recent Marketing Data Benchmark Report – revealing the true state of the data sitting in your marketing automation system or CRM. Read the full report (it’s free) — and you’ll find that over half of B2B companies in the U.S. are using unreliable data to fuel their marketing activity. Yikes!

Data maintenance is a lot like taking care of your personal health and wellness. You know you’ve got to eat right & stay active to feel and do your best. When there is a problem, you diagnose it and treat the symptoms. High-performing marketers live by these rules when managing their marketing data, and NetProspex can help.

  • Our free Data HealthScan within Workbench returns a free health diagnosis of the current state of your contact list.
  • You can leverage our data cleansing services to trim the fat and identify problematic records.
  • Just like that protein shake after your workout, you can append and enrich records with missing contact/company information or key tech-install data to give yourself an extra boost of power.

Come visit the NetProspex team at each show. Grab one of these buttons:


If you’re spotted wearing one, you could win a Nike+ Fuelband!



More about the Nike+ Fuelband:

Designed to be worn throughout the day, the ergonomic, user-friendly NIKE+ FuelBand uses accelerometry to provide information about different activities through movement of the wrist via a LED dot matrix display. Four metrics are available: Time, Calories, Steps and NikeFuel. Unlike calorie counts, which vary based on someone’s gender and body type, NikeFuel is a normalized score that awards equal points for the same activity regardless of physical makeup.

Users set a daily goal of how active they want to be, and how much NikeFuel they want to achieve. The NIKE+ FuelBand displays a series of 20 LED lights that go from red-to-green as the user gets closer to their goal. The FuelBand syncs with the Nike+ website through a built-in USB, or wirelessly through Bluetooth to a free iPhone app, to record activity and track progress every day. The app interface also provides encouragement and motivation as goals are achieved.


* NetProspex is not affiliated with Nike Inc.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!


FDA Approves NetProspex-a-Phan, the first drug for MHAFBD.


New Drug Marks NetProspex Debut into Drug Manufacturing

April 1, 2013 (Waltham, MA) –  In a widely anticipated announcement, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved NetProspex-a-Phan, a delayed release capsule for the once-daily, oral treatment of marketer’s headache from bad data (MHAFBD).

NetProspex-a-Phan is manufactured from white blood cells of NetProspex employees, collected from their keyboards, and stimulates a patient’s immune system to reverse the effects of MHAFBD.

“The availability of NetProspex-a-Phan provides a new treatment option for all marketers,” said Harold Checkem, MD, acting director of the FDA’s Center for Evaluation and Research, “especially those in B2B companies with advanced MHAFBD who currently have limited effective therapies available.”

“MHAFBD is a debilitating condition that afflicts 60% of B2B marketers. Until now, there were very few options for treatment,” said Michael Bird, former President now Chief Medical Officer at NetProspex. ”We are confident that NetProspex-a-Phan will become the Advil for all B2B marketing data related headaches.”


In a pivotal phase 3 study, with a median follow-up of 12 months, B2B marketers treated with NetProspex-a-Phan (n = 356) had a median success rate of 100%, compared with B2B marketers treated with placebo (n = 178), which had a median success rate of 15%.
According to the FDA, the most common adverse reactions reported with the new drug are increases in confidence, massive proliferation in high-fives, walking taller, and bigger bonuses. The majority of adverse reactions were mild or moderate. Serious adverse reactions, which were reported in approximately one quarter of the patients receiving NetProspex-a-Phan, included some euphoria and smiling uncontrollably. Nothing in this press release is truthful or should be taken as such by any parties involved, especially the FDA.

About NetProspex
NetProspex is the smarter B2B data partner, helping marketing and sales organizations optimize their revenue impact by lowering the barriers to database management. Thousands of B2B organizations rely on NetProspex to acquire targeted prospects to fuel high-performing marketing campaigns and create sales pipeline. At the core of NetProspex is an innovative crowd-sourced database, cleansed with proprietary CleneStepTM verification technology. The company’s free Data HealthScan offers insights about database accuracy and relevance, while CleneProspex ensures valid contact information. Marketers can enhance data with demographic and firmographic information, including specific technologies used at target accounts. For more information visit

Recommended reading: Inside Sales Managers Guide to Resourcefulness

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 11.57.21 AM

We’ve all heard the phrase “the tools make the man.” Well, male or female, inside sales managers are the lifeblood of a B2B prospecting and lead generation program. Are you arming them with the best tools to get the job done? Our friends at AG Salesworks, a teleprospecting and closed-loop marketing firm, developed a guide for Inside Sales Managers full of tools to help get the job done.

“The AG Salesworks’ Inside Sales Managers Guide to Resourcefulness is designed for anyone who is managing an inside sales team or for sales and marketing professionals involved in demand or lead generation.  In this guide you will find resources to support your B2B prospecting efforts and increase productivity by finding accurate contact data faster.”

Click here to check out the guide, and thank you to AG Salesworks for including NetProspex in their set of solutions recommendations.

2013 Software Advice Inside Sales Survey


According to research conducted by, growth of the insides sales roles was outpacing growth of the outside sales profession by a rate of 15 to 1. While the economy has played a significant role in this shift, other factors such as the evolution of technologies that enable remote selling (e.g. Cloud-based CRM software) are contributing to this changeover as well.

To gauge the 2013 inside sales market, Software Advice–a site that analyzes the inside sales software market–is teaming up with to survey sales professionals. The survey seeks to discover the size of the inside sales market, average compensation rates and performance across key sales metrics.

NetProspex understands the challenges faced by inside sales professionals. That’s why we offer a verified sales prospecting solution to enable highly efficient telesales efforts, without the out-of-date contact information that gets in the way of targeted hunting. Click here to learn more about our sales prospecting solution.

To add your voice to the survey, and enter into a drawing to win an iPad, by clicking this link. 

For B2B Marketing, Email Should Be Targeted and Personalized


Read original article on eMarketer.

Maribeth Ross, Vice President of Marketing, NetProspex

NetProspex is a business-to-business (B2B) email and offline data services company with more than 37 million B2B contacts in its database. Maribeth Ross, NetProspex’s vice president of marketing, spoke with eMarketer’s Kris Oser for the B2B Perspective series about using content for lead generation and customer relationship building.

eMarketer: Email is arguably the oldest type of communication on the web. What are some new best practices for lead generation through email marketing?

Maribeth Ross: Email marketing is a strong, solid foundation of a B2B marketing program, but … a new use of email might include a marketing automation system that’s fully integrated with your website, where you’re tracking the behaviors of your visitors on [your website] before you even know who they are.

Once you start to understand the things that they like, you begin to serve up content that you think they’re going to like. Then, you serve up meatier content in exchange for some information from them. You don’t ask them to fill out a gigantic form, but rather to tell you their title and industry, for example.

A good practice in emailing that person once you’ve obtained their email information is to continue the theme that they have begun with you with their interactions on the website.

eMarketer: How do you get the recipient to read the contents of the email?

Ross: What you put above the fold on the top of the screen is very important because you want to capture their attention right away.


“If I am a recipient, I’m not going to open something that I think is a product pitch.”


There are a lot of schools of thought on this, and the way I think about it is if I am a recipient, I’m not going to open something that I think is a product pitch. The recipient is going to ask themselves, “What’s in it for me?” The answer to that question can’t be, “We have a great product.” Nobody wants to invite themselves into a sales pitch.

eMarketer: Isn’t that the thinking behind content marketing in general—that you’re giving the recipient something of value to help them do their job better?

Ross: Absolutely. Buyers are getting savvier. And the advent of the web has really provided the opportunity for buyers to do a lot more self-serving of information and make some early assumptions about companies that they’re interested in potentially engaging with, either from emails that they receive, or doing research on the web, or in social circles, or other networks. That is really what drove content strategy to become such a hot topic today.

eMarketer: What has changed for companies doing CRM mailings, and what do you think will change going forward?

Ross: A trend that I’ve seen in B2B customer-oriented marketing is taking a personalized approach. Once you have permission to have that relationship with the customer, you want to make sure that you protect it. So what you’re going to send them is highly relevant content that is highly personalized.

One of the best practices I’ve seen associated with that is making sure that any customer communications come directly from either their account manager or assigned salesperson. You can still send it out through your marketing automation system, but you want to make it look like it came from an individual, [as opposed to] a larger email program sent to many people.


“A trend that I’ve seen in B2B customer-oriented marketing is taking a personalized approach.”


eMarketer: Do you have a best practice on how often you should contact a customer with content?

Ross: If the product is a technology product and you can tell when people use it to do certain things, and tailor your sends to be associated with their timely behaviors, that means you’ll be sending them more relevant content.

eMarketer: What would you say is the underlying best practice in content marketing?

Ross: When it comes to marketing here at NetProspex, I always encourage our marketing team to think like the buyer. Put themselves in the shoes of the buyer and really figure out whether it makes sense—if the timing makes sense, and if the content is important enough to put in front of them.

A longer version of this interview is available to eMarketer corporate subscribers only.

NetProspex Launches Online Tools For Marketing Data Management


Read original article on DemandGen Report

B2B data services firm NetProspex announced the availability of Workbench, an online platform for marketing data management. Workbench puts tools directly into the hands of B2B marketers to help them improve the data used in their marketing and sales outreach, according to company officials.

“What we learned in doing our B2B Marketing Data Benchmark Report is that this issue of managing data is huge and there are not a lot of tools available to help marketers ensure data integrity,” Maribeth Ross, NetProspex’s VP of Marketing, told Demand Gen Report. “Data integrity falls by the wayside and becomes secondary to getting the actual work done.”

The first set of features available within Workbench revolve around an online version of the company’s Data HealthScan, which was used to examine B2B marketing records for the company’s recently released benchmark report.

This free assessment of a B2B data file covers categories such as email deliverability, phone connectability, completeness, duplication, target profile breakdown, and technologies used at accounts. Users can upload a contact file in .CSV format and learn the current state of their sales or marketing database in just hours.

Featuring a suite of services based in the cloud, Workbench allows marketers to:

Upload a B2B database file to conduct a Data HealthScan, an online tool for assessing database health;

Assess hundreds of thousands of contacts from their sales and marketing database directly within this cloud-based tool;

View the results of a Data HealthScan online or as a PDF to share results and build consensus around next steps; and

Organize and store files and assessments within Workbench, protected with SSL128-bit encryption.

Forthcoming releases of Workbench, slated for later this year, will include additional data tools and services.