Expand Your Sphere of Influence to Capture More Customers

By | March 24, 2008

“Stop obsessing over the decision maker.” So says  Aaron Ross of Sales Machine.com.  According to Ross, the decision making process is now more important than the decision maker.  While collaborative decision making involving different people and teams approving a purchase has always been an important element of B2B sales, it is now the rule at most organizations. Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research, takes this concept a step further, and… Read More »

Think Beyond the Numbers Game: The Real Key to Sales Success

By | March 24, 2008

For years, sales gurus have told us that successful prospecting is a numbers game:  X cold calls = Y leads = Z sales.  Methodologies, books, and entire companies have been built around this formula. But experienced marketers know there’s more to it.  While it’s nice to believe the conventional wisdom that “everyone is a prospect,” in reality there are far fewer companies ready, able, and willing to buy from you.… Read More »

How Dr.Who and NetProspex both benefit from cyberspace!

By | March 17, 2008

I noticed something interesting with my kids this weekend as we talked about TV programs like Dr Who (timelord) and TopGear (car consumer report revamped) on BBC America. Beyond scheduled shows, they also watch old episodes on YouTube with neighborhood friends who are fast becoming fans. They are asking me to sign up to domestic BBC on cable, so they can see the first runs of these shows.  I haven’t… Read More »

Over Viagra Calls

By | July 26, 2007

I’m a busy guy but I still don’t mind sales people who I don’t know contacting me by email or phone if they are have targeted me accurately, understand what our company does, what my role is and therefore have made an intelligent guess whether their product is relevant to my needs.  That is…they have already made some attempt to qualify me before making contact. I’m talking about a business… Read More »