Email in the US received a significant boost thanks to quality data providers.


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France holds the record deliverability of email messages in Europe with 91.1% in the second half of 2011 (according ReturnPath, March 2012). If we consider that this performance is the result of database performance and quality data, why the bad image of emailing? Below is an excerpt of an interview with Frédéric Pichard, Founder and President of Zebaz.

The Workshop: is emailing really threatened?

Frédéric Pichard: No. Used properly, email becomes a weapon of mass construction! It allows you to finely select market segments. United States, the market will grow emailing 53% between 2010 and 2014. Not bad for a supposedly saturated channel!  The development of mobility also offers a second life to email. smartphones and tablets will become the primary mode of reading emails over the computer.  According to the study conducted by European ReturnPath in March 2012, 41% of messages are not optimized for mobile viewing.  Boosted by mobile, email in the United States saw a significant boost, thanks to database providers such as Jigsaw and NetProspex.  Hard bounce rate does not exceed 5%, the opening rate is higher than 25% and as high as 75% on “Triggered emails” from form registrations.
Read the full article (in French).