NetProspex Launches CleneProspex™ Contact Data Cleansing Solution for B2B Marketers

By | March 19, 2012

WALTHAM, MA–(Marketwire – Mar 19, 2012) – NetProspex, the leading provider of verified, crowd-sourced business contact Image Credit flo450d, Flickr data services, today announced the launch of CleneProspex, a contact data cleansing and validation solution powered by its proprietary CleneStep verification process. Leveraging the proficiency and scalability gleaned from cleaning 100 million contacts through its CleneStep process, NetProspex is now working with clients to analyze, clean, format, and enhance their own existing business contact records.

The CleneProspex service was launched in response to growing concerns by B2B marketers about the impact of data quality on their campaigns and programs. To ensure good program results, marketers need real-time, accurate, and comprehensive contact records for potential buyers. NetProspex research finds that a business contact record degrades in quality at the rate of 2% or more per month. This creates an inherent problem for B2B marketers who rely on their prospect database to generate opportunities for sales.

“At a time when B2B marketing departments are under increasing pressure to prove their value of to an organization,” says NetProspex VP of Marketing Maribeth Ross, “data hygiene services offer immediate benefits. Marketers can improve program results, reduce costs and risks associated with bad data, identify gaps in their prospect database, and realize greater business value from their contact records.”

The service begins with a complimentary data assessment to uncover the current quality state of a marketer’s contact database. This comprehensive service measures the percentage of records with an undeliverable email addresses, potential email threats, out of date phone numbers, missing fields, or duplicate records. With this insight up front, a marketer is able to understand the business value of cleaning their contact database, so they can determine how to proceed.

“The CleneProspex assessment process provided useful insights that helped us develop a plan for maintaining a quality, targeted prospect database,” says Beverly Chiarelli, Senior Marketing Manager at Mimecast. “NetProspex has shown themselves to be the data partner we need to grow our database while maintaining the quality we need to get the best results on our marketing programs.”

“Acquiring usable contact records and identifying bad ones are constant battles for b-to-b marketers. Layering verification steps on top of data validation techniques in addition to crowd sourcing can provide a large number of contact records with a relatively high degree of reliability if done properly,” said Ross Graber, an analyst with research and advisory firm SiriusDecisions.

The CleneProspex service offering is immediately available to companies wishing to address their B2B contact data quality. More information can be found at